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Re: General resolution: ratify https://github.com/rms-open-letter/rms-open-letter.github.io

Quoting Sruthi Chandran (2021-03-25 18:29:32)
> On March 25, 2021 2:24:16 AM GMT+05:30, Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org> wrote:
> >Under 4.1.5 of the Constitution, the developers by way of GR are the 
> >body who has the power to issue nontechnical statements.
> >
> >https://github.com/rms-open-letter/rms-open-letter.github.io/blob/main/index.md 
> >is a statement which I believe Debian as a project, and not just 
> >individual Debian developers, should consider signing on to.
> >
> >This is a proposal for Debian to sign on to the statement, by 
> >adopting the text from that open letter via GR.
> >
> I have an alternate suggestion. Instead of signing the said letter, 
> Debian can issue a position statement similar to the one released by 
> FSF Europe. [1]
> Will share the amended text if this idea has supporters.
>  [1] https://fsfe.org/news/2021/news-20210324-01.html

I would support a position letter similar to that of FSF Europe, and 
appreciate if you could draft that, Sruthi.

I dislike the conclusive judgemental framing of the previously 
referenced open letter, and consider it wrong for Debian as an 
organisation to make direct demands on how other organisations should 
conduct its business.  I certainly would find it inappropriate for FSF 
to make direct demands on how Debian operates.

I like the different tone of the letter by FSF Europe, not demanding but 
instead distancing itself and making clear why (without using specific 
labels as if some court ruling had already taken place, which is not the 

 - Jonas

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