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Re: Willingness to share a position statement?

Quoting Gerardo Ballabio (2021-03-24 12:32:31)
> Matthias Klumpp wrote:
> > Inclusivity and tolerance does not mean we have to accept every opinion as equally valid.
> Equally valid -- no.
> Legitimate to express -- yes.
> I am really worried about the increasing trend (not specific to
> Debian) towards demanding that people who hold "dissenting" opinions
> be removed from their positions, excluded from the public debate, and
> even fired from their jobs, which if universally applied would make
> them unable to earn a living. That is what dictatorial regimes do --
> often while maintaining a facade of freedom: "Nobody is being
> prevented from speaking, we're just making their life miserable
> because we don't like what they're saying". That's exactly what's
> happening with the current political correctness storm. Say one bad
> word and your life might be ruined.
> Just yesterday I happened to read this quotation (on a Debian mailing
> list!). I believe it is very much to the point:
> "Those who begin coercive elimination of dissent soon find themselves
> exterminating dissenters. Compulsory unification of opinion achieves
> only the unanimity of the graveyard. -- Justice Roberts in 319 U.S.
> 624 (1943)"
> What happened to "I don't agree with what you're saying, but I'll give
> my life to defend your right to say it"?

Very well said, Gerardo - but there is a piece missing:

Question is not if legitimate for RMS to have and share opinions.

Question instead is if RMS mixes personal opinions with official roles.

I sometimes sneeze.  If I worked at a restaurant, then I served a role 
as a servant where it is absolutely unacceptable to sneeze.

If I failed at understanding that sneezing while acting in my role as 
servant was unacceptable, then it would be reasonable that management 
fired me.  And it would be sensible to sign a petition to have the board 
of the restaurant step down if they failed to fire me.

Now imagine that I blogged about my sneezing, shared videos of sneezes 
in slow-motion, and argued in talk shows that my sneezing was special 
and could cure COVID-19, not spread it.  The restaurant managers fired 
me, but later changed their mind and hired me back again.

Should I be fired again, or the management be shamed? Depends on whether 
I sneezed at work, not if it was public knowledge that I was a sneezer 
and clueless about how viruses spread - those features have *nothing* to 
do with my ability to serve food at a restaurant (regardless of my very 
presence in the restaurant might make sone guests vomit because they 
remembered some slow-motion video they once saw, produced by me).

 - Jonas

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