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Re: If we're Going to Have Alternate Init Systems, we need to Understand Apt Dependencies

[2019-12-04 18:11] Svante Signell <svante.signell@gmail.com>
> Hello,


> I've purposely kept out of this discussion, hoping that you all can
> behave in a civil manner. Obviously not. I don't rank you mail
> defective, there have bee several other on this list. Anyway, this
> whole GR is about systemd or sysvinit, and everybody pretends they
> don't know about alternatives, like OpenRC, initng, runit, monit, s6,
> daemontools, and especially Shepherd. Are you all blind to Free
> Software progressing steadily, in spite of something that would hurt
> Debian as a distribution for many years to come?

We are not blind. We know of alternatives, and I even work on advancing
one of them. But right now, there is only two systems in Debian that are
actually supported by packages that provide daemons -- systemd and
sysvinit. Other systems, openrc/runit in particular, in most cases just
fall-back on init.d scripts.

If we succeed at protecting init.d scripts, it will be feasible to
develop support for other init systems gradually, package after package.

Should we fail, introduction of new init system will require either
introduction of native support into ~1300 packages at same time or use
of systemd files as fallback, which means inheriting huge complexity.

In other words, death of init.d scripts means end of all hope.
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