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Re: Please drop/replace the use of the term "diversity"

Simon McVittie writes ("Re: Please drop/replace the use of the term "diversity""):
> I agree. I have been uncomfortable with this in the context of "init
> diversity" efforts, but I didn't raise it in the past because I couldn't
> articulate clearly why I felt that it was a problem.  Since it's now
> on-topic, here's my best attempt at that:

Thanks for your contribution which was interesting to me and made some
good points.  I don't necessarily agree completely but there is much
in what you say.

I think we should have this conversation more properly after the GR
has concluded, so I'm not going to engage with the substance of your
points now.  I just wanted to say that I appreciated your mail, and
didn't want to give the impression I was ignoring it.

In the meantime removing the word "diversity" from the GR option texts
seems like helps clarity.


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