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Please drop/replace the use of the term "diversity"

Dear -vote,

> […]

May I gently request we replace the use of the word "diversity"
throughout the "init systems and systemd" General Resolution prior to
it being subject to a plebiscite?

To be clear, I am neither quibbling with the dictionary definition nor
the applicability of this word in a technical sense to any of the
competing proposals. However, at least in the cultures I am exposed to
this term is now freighted with an additional layer of quasi-political
meaning and context that highly distorts the colour of all proposals
and adds unnecessary partisan language to a topic that is laden with
enough emotional baggage to begin with.

Putting it another way, whichever proposal receives the eventual
blessing of the Project it would be a disservice to the winning
argument if it were possible for its opponents to claim that related-
yet-distinct political causes were needlessly imported to bolster its
case. I therefore ask all proposers to consider replacing the use of
this word and thereby close the door on any remotely plausible retort
along the lines that "diversity washing" (or indeed any other
inexpensive tactics) were involved in an underhanded process of
persuading others.


     : :'  :     Chris Lamb
     `. `'`      lamby@debian.org 🍥 chris-lamb.co.uk

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