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Re: Proposed amendment to Proposal D

On 11/24/19 7:29 AM, Steve Langasek wrote:
> Ian,
> I'd like to propose an amendment to your proposal D, to strike the sentence:
>   We are disappointed that this has had to involve another GR.
> I have not decided yet how I'm going to vote in this GR, but I think that
> the above sentence can only weaken support for your proposal by conflating
> the question of what our init system policy should be, with meta commentary
> on the procedure used to decide that policy.
> I personally find it more difficult to support this proposal because of this
> mixing of concerns.

Steve is absolutely right here.
I'm definitely not disappointed about this GR, so with this sentence I
think the only option for me right now is to vote your statement below FD.

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