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Re: [draft] Draft text on Init Systems GR

Ian Jackson <ijackson@chiark.greenend.org.uk> writes:

> Please do formally propose it and I will give my formal blessing to it.

If I understand the process correctly, that looks like this:

I propose that point 7 of Iam's seconded proposal be replaced with point 7
as shown here:

> 7. Failing to support non-systemd systems when such support is
>    available, or offered in the form of patches (or packages),
>    *should* be treated as a release critical bug.  For example: init
>    scripts *must not* be deleted merely because a systemd unit is
>    provided instead; patches which contribute support for other init
>    systems (with no substantial effect on systemd installations)
>    should be filed as bugs with severity `serious'.

>    This is intended to provide a lightweight but effective path to
>    ensuring that reasonable support can be provided to Debian users,
>    even where the maintainer's priorities lie elsewhere.  (Invoking
>    the Technical Committee about individual patches is not sensible.)

>    If the patches are themselves RC-buggy (in the opinion of,
>    initially, the maintainer, and ultimately the Release Team) then of
>    course the bug report should be downgraded or closed.

(specifically to add "(with no substantial effect on systemd

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