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Re: Time Line

Thomas Goirand writes ("Re: Time Line"):
> You've started all this, and imposed it to all of us. Some of us
> probably didn't want this to happen at all (another systemd discussion
> and GR, really?!?), but I still respect your view and your position as a
> DPL. However, as we're in it because you decided to go for it, it is my
> view that imposing your agenda is questionable. I find it unacceptable
> that you're adding pressure, and you seem to be unwilling to give Ian
> all the time he needs to prepare a nice text, which I'm sure he will do
> in a timely fashion anyways.

One effect of Sam's decision was that I had to quickly make my
proposal formal.  Now it is much harder to improve it, if there are
things that could usefully be changed.


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