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Init Systems GR Timeline

>>>>> "Holger" == Holger Levsen <holger@layer-acht.org> writes:

    Holger> On Thu, Nov 07    Holger> Finally, I don't think it's a good idea to rush this to a
    Holger> vote in 7 days. I'm tempted to mail d-d-a to make people who
    Holger> are not regularily read -vote aware of this
    Holger> discussion. (There are also many people who don't read
    Holger> -devel.)  Sam, I'd appreciate if I wouldn't need to do that,
    Holger> because you sent such a short pointer to -vote on d-d-a

I think you may be mishearing what I'm proposing for a timeline.

I'm proposing seven days of collecting entirely informal comments; that
can be extended if there are still significant open issues.  Then,
starting a formal process.  Assuming no extensions, that means two weeks
of discussion and amendments, followed by two weeks of vote.

The secretary will send mail to d-d-a when the formal discussion period
starts.  I don't plan to send mail to d-d-a before that, but if someone
feels this needs more exposure on d-d-a now then by all means send a
quick note.

I don't have the power to call for a vote in 7 days, and agree with you
that doing so even if I could would be a bad idea.

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