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Re: [draft] Draft text on Init Systems GR

On Thu, Nov 07, 2019 at 01:04:20PM -0500, Sam Hartman wrote:
> ----------------------------------------
> version 2330c05afa4
> Choice 1: Affirm Init Diversity

looks generally like a fine option to me.

> Choice 2: systemd but we Support Exploring Alternatives

as others have said, this mixes init systems with systemd-logind.

> Choice 3: systemd  without Diversity as a Priority

I guess this option will get ammendments:

a.) 'systemd without diversity as a priority' sounds like systemd is
    against diversity. I think this is borderline insulting. So I expect
    this will attract someone proposing another option called 'Embrace
    the future (*) and a modern init system' or such. 
    *) or 'Embrace new technologies...'
b.) I guess some will want something like this option on the ballot but
    without the commitment about working with downstreams _worded this
c.) Some will not want 'Packages should include service units or init
    scripts to start daemons and services' but rather a much stronger
    recommendation to drop init scripts and ship unit files.

On top of all of this, systemd provides much more features than unit
files as the thread on -devel showed. There is no word about these
technologies in this GR proposal. I think that's a flaw in this

Then, I think the ballot also misses an option for the sysv-lovers,
'Embrace systems without systemd' or some such, which explicitly forbids
using systemd technology without alternative support working on sysv
systems. I think it would be very useful to know whether 0.5, 5%, or 15% or
25% (or more?) of our developers think such would be a good choice.

Finally, I don't think it's a good idea to rush this to a vote in 7
days. I'm tempted to mail d-d-a to make people who are not regularily
read -vote aware of this discussion. (There are also many people who
don't read -devel.)
Sam, I'd appreciate if I wouldn't need to do that, because you sent such
a short pointer to -vote on d-d-a *before* calling for a vote. Like now.

Last, and definitly not least: many thanks for working on this, Sam.


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