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Re: Proposed GR: State exception for security bugs in Social Contract clause 3

Sean Whitton <spwhitton@spwhitton.name> writes:

> While I stand by my GR in principle, I agree with those who have said
> that it is not worth spending time on something like this unless it's
> going to pass without opposition. Since this GR /has/ turned out to be
> quite controversial, I hereby withdraw it.

I support your interest in bringing the topic for discussion; I agree
that the unfortunate inference you described can be reasonably read in
the text of SC §3.

While I agree with your decision to withdraw the GR, for reasons others
have expressed well, the discussion was short and useful. We need not
only GRs that pass without opposition; we can learn from even
controversial GR proposals, though as you point out they might quickly
become damaging, also.

So, thank you for starting this, and for finishing it gracefully.

Also: welcome to the project!

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