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Re: Proposed GR: Acknowledge difficulty of declassifying debian-private

Oh, I forgot one:

>  Proponent    Is declassification of       How might the rules
> 	        old posts permissible,       for -private be changed
> 	        and if so how ?              in the future ?
>  ----------------------------------------------------------------------

   Status Quo   Difficult/unlikely -         New GR needed.[3]
                2005 GR procedure.           

[3] The 2005 GR explicitly states that statements by authors which
  say, in prose, that certain messages should never be declassified,
  must be respected.  In practice this means that any declassification
  scheme for future posts must be at least as awkward as the 2005 GR
  process, because it would have to do the hard work of trying to find
  and honour declassification refusals written in prose in the bodies
  of messages.


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