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Re: GR proposal: give up on declassifying debian-private (Re: General Resolution: Declassifying debian-private results)

Ian Jackson dijo [Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 05:21:14PM +0100]:
> I'm afraid I don't agree.  As I have said, I am unhappy with any
> option which does not clearly state what if any authority there is for
> (or prohibition there is of) declassification of -private.  I have
> come to this view because it is evident that different people have
> very different views about the effect of simply repealing the 2005 GR.
> If Gunnar does not himself adopt my proposal as an option I will
> continue to seek seconds for mine.  I would also like to see Iain
> Lane's proposal on the ballot, for the same reason.

AFAIU, I cannot just "adopt" your option without it obliterating the
original, but have to wait for seconds on it.

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