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Re: Q to all candidates: Debian in five years?

>>>>> "Lucas" == Lucas Nussbaum <lucas@debian.org> writes:

    Lucas> In five years, what should Debian's position and role be in the Free
    Lucas> Software ecosystem?
    Lucas> Are there other positions where we somehow risk ending up?
    Lucas> What can we rely on to get to that ideal position/role?
    Lucas> What are the main things we should worry about (including, but not
    Lucas> limited to recent trends in the Free Software world)?

There's a move towards running services in containers, which favour
specialised distributions. Staying true to the "Universal OS" tagline,
we have a great opportunity to offer ways to customize the OS in ways
suitable for a very small and specialized container. That's one thing to
aim at within five years, if the current trend sticks (which I hope it
won't, but that's besides the point).

Our role there would be to provide a strong, reliable base system to
build upon: like we are the most "forked" distribution on the market
already. The trust we built up over the years, our technical excellence
and our commitment to the Social Contract are some of the things we can
rely on when trying to enter another segment of the distribution world.

A threat I worry about most goes hand in hand with moving to other
people's computers: more and more people seem to accept non-free
services, more and more people build their solution on non-free
platforms. Sure, there are some free software components in there, but
if you are tied to non-free platforms, that is a cause for concern. This
is the trend I fear and worry about most


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