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Re: Q to all candidates: DebConf orga

>>>>> "martin" == martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> writes:

    martin> Dear candidates,
    martin> What is your perception of DebConf and its organisation?

    martin> If any, what changes would you like to implement?

Unfortunately, I have no insight into how the DebConf organisation
works. My perception, from what little I saw and see, is that the inner
workings aren't as awesome as the resulting conferences (based on my
experiences in Banja Luka and Vaumarcus).

The most immediate change I'd implement has nothing to do with the
DebConf orga team: I'd like to have more insight, and that's up to me. I
have a huge backlog (mostly mailing lists and IRC) there, which I have
to work though, and a number of people to talk to (because not
everything happens on lists I'm subscribed to).

Regardless of the outcome of the DPL election, I'd like to get up to
speed, and maintain at least a read-only involvement, if for nothing
else, then because I'd love to bring a DebConf to Hungary at some point.


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