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Re: Alternative proposal (+call for seconds): Expire 2-R members every year

The Constitution is amended as follows:

--- constitution.txt.orig	2014-11-17 18:02:53.314945907 +0100
+++ constitution.2-R.txt	2014-11-24 10:24:42.109426386 +0100
@@ -299,8 +299,22 @@
        Project Leader may appoint new member(s) until the number of
        members reaches 6, at intervals of at least one week per
-    5. If the Technical Committee and the Project Leader agree they may
+    5. A Developer is not eligible to be (re)appointed to the Technical
+       Committee if they have been a member within the previous 12 months.
+    6. If the Technical Committee and the Project Leader agree they may
        remove or replace an existing member of the Technical Committee.
+    7. Term limit:
+         1. On January 1st of each year the term of any Committee member
+            who has served more than 54 months (4.5 years) and who is one
+            of the N most senior members automatically expires. N is
+            defined as 2-R (if R < 2) or 0 (if R >= 2). R is the number of
+            former members of the Technical Committee who have resigned,
+            or been removed or replaced within the previous 12 months.
+         2. A member of the Technical Committee is said to be more senior
+            than another if they were appointed earlier, or were appointed
+            at the same time and have been a member of the Debian Project
+            longer. In the event that a member has been appointed more
+            than once, only the most recent appointment is relevant.
   6.3. Procedure


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