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Some stats on gr_initcoupling


I've been looking at the tally sheet for gr_initcoupling to try to get a
bit more understanding of the lines in the project. I'm not sure I've
managed to achieve that, but I thought I could share some stats anyway.

To start, there were 483 voters on 1006 voting developers. More than
half didn't vote. Because the nominative tally sheet? Plain business? So
fed up that it doesn't matter anymore?

As first choices, we have:

    253   Option 4 General Resolution is not required
             for 50, FD follows as 2nd choice
    119   Option 1 Packages may not (in general) require a specific init system
             for 30, FD follows as 2nd choice
     64   Option 2 Support for other init systems is recommended, but not mandatory
     60   Option 3 Packages may require specific init systems if maintainers decide
     12   Option 5 Further Discussion

108 voters prefer any option rather than further discussion (FD is
ranked last).

86 voters expressed that this GR was needed (FD not as first choice but
ranked above option 4).

I was under the impresion that option 2 and option 3 had a close
meaning. For 322 voters (66%) that's the case. Option 2 and 3 are either
ranked at the same level or one follow the other.

Attached is a crude Ruby script. (To be consider public domain and bad

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