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[DRAFT #2] Maximum term for tech ctte members

On Tue, Nov 18, 2014 at 11:33:10AM +0100, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> Here is a draft GR text which builds on Anthony's work and implements
> some of the aspects discussed in this thread. See below for
> comments/rationales and the attachment for a wdiff.

Updated draft below.

Changelog is:

- fixed the potential ambiguous "all or nothing" interpretation of the
  "provided /they/ ..." formulation.

  I've received and tried to integrate feedback from various people on
  that point (Anthony Towns, Hubert Chathi, Lars Noschinski). As Don
  Armstrong's fix came in while I was writing this mail, I've discussed
  both solutions with him and we agree the one below is preferable as it
  is more explicit

- updated the transitional measure to be "first term review 1 month
  after the GR is passed", unconditionally.

  This is to avoid uncertainty about how long the ctte will have to
  adapt to the upcoming expiries depending on whether the GR is passed
  (if it is, of course) before of after January 1st. In theory the new
  formulation would be problematic if we were to pass the GR near the
  end of November (because it would induce two expiration rounds in a
  very short period), but that's impossible considering a minimum of 1+1
  weeks of discussion+voting periods from now. I've discussed the new
  formulation (who proposed the original transitional measure) and he is
  fine with it.


The Constitution is amended as follows:

--- constitution.txt.orig	2014-11-17 18:02:53.314945907 +0100
+++ constitution.txt.new	2014-11-18 21:17:30.544040579 +0100
@@ -299,8 +299,22 @@
        Project Leader may appoint new member(s) until the number of
        members reaches 6, at intervals of at least one week per
-    5. If the Technical Committee and the Project Leader agree they may
+    5. A Developer is not eligible to be (re)appointed to the Technical
+       Committee if they have been a member within the previous 12 months.
+    6. If the Technical Committee and the Project Leader agree they may
        remove or replace an existing member of the Technical Committee.
+    7. Term limit:
+         1. Membership of the Technical Committee is automatically
+            reviewed on the 1st of January of each year. At this time, the
+            terms of members who were appointed at least four and a half
+            years (54 months) ago automatically expire. Expiry occurs in
+            order of seniority, most senior members first, and is limited
+            to at most 2 members per year.
+         2. A member of the Technical Committee is said to be more senior
+            than another if they were appointed earlier, or were appointed
+            at the same time and have been a member of the Debian Project
+            longer. In the event that a member has been appointed more
+            than once, only the most recent appointment is relevant.
   6.3. Procedure

As a transitional measure, the first automatic review of membership of the
Technical Committee will happen 1 month after this GR is passed.

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