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Re: [Sorry Neil] Wording modification of the The ???no GR, please??? amendement.


Charles Plessy:
> I propose the following replacement as per article A.1.5 of our Contitution.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> The Debian project asks its members to be considerate when proposing General
> Resolutions, as the GR process may be disruptive regardless of the outcome of
> the vote.
> Regarding the subject of this ballot, the Project affirms that the procedures
> for decision making and conflict resolution are working adequately and thus
> a General Resolution is not required.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Seconded. While I disagree with the statement that 
> not all questions have been answered.
the above re-wording is less controversial, which is a Good Thing
(in this case, at least).

-- Matthias Urlichs

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