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Re: Re-Proposal - preserve freedom of choice of init systems

I'm an end user who normally only reads this list. I'd like to add my perspective to this question though, for what it's worth. I'm on Debian testing, which is using systemd now. The only obvious difference to me is my laptop boots faster, which is nice, but ...

1) Binary logs? No. Even I've used text logs for troubleshooting. They're incredibly useful and wonderfully transparent. Why would anyone want to move away from that? Except if less transparency was actually the point for them.

2) Total dependency of everything on this one process to run? No. Single points of failure are always stupid. Unless somebody is looking for more control.

3) It sounds like the the big or original push behind this is RedHat wants to cloudify everything.  Nothing wrong with cloudiness in principle. I even have a little internet accessible server. Very convenient. But when a corp wants to put you on a cloud it's always called Hotel California. Do. Not. Go. There.


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