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Amendment (Re: Re-Proposal - preserve freedom of choice of init systems)

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(CC secretary@ to avoid this getting overlooked in the mail flood.)

I hereby formally propose the amendment below (Constitution A.1(1)
`directly by proposer'), and, then, immediately accept it (A.1(2)).
This resets the minimum discussion period (A.2(4)).

For the avoidance of any doubt, I currently intend to not accept any
further amendments.  That means that the minimum discussion period
will not be extended any further (unless the DPL intervenes).  I
currently intend to call for a vote when the minimum discussion period
elapses, 2 weeks from now.

The amendment is in two parts:

I. In section 2, `Loose coupling of init systems', in the text
   `may not require a specific init system', replace `a' by `one':

   - In general, software may not require a specific init system to be
   + In general, software may not require one specific init system to be

   Explanation: Some people seem to have understood the previous text
   as "must work with *all* init systems".  I want to clarify that we
   just mean that software should not be tied to one specific init

II. Insert new numbered section:

   + 3. As far as we are aware there are currently (17th of October) no
   +    bugs in jessie which would be declared RC by this GR.
   +    Given the late passage of this resolution, we expect that any
   +    intractable bugs which are RC by virtue only of this resolution
   +    would be tagged by the release team as `jessie-ignore'.
   +    So this proposal is not thought to add blockers to the jessie
   +    release.

   And, renumber the already-existing section 3 to be section 4:

   - 3. Notes and rubric
   + 3. Notes and rubric

   Explanation: It has become clear from the discussion that it is
   necessary to explicitly explain the intended effect for jessie.

   Comment: The new section 3 does not need any powers of the
   Technical Committee - indeed, it is purely informational and
   advisory.  So it is not part of the amendment's to the TC's
   resolution of the 11th of February.

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