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TC process GRs

We have accumulated the following GR proposals, mostly to do with TC

 * Fix the supermajority bug.  Status: draft text on -vote just sent.

 * Change the committee size to an odd number to minimise use of the
   casting vote in highly contested situations.  Status: under
   discussion; text should be simple.  Current proposal is to increase
   to 9.

 * Set a minimum discussion period for the TC (probably 72h).  Under
   discussion within the TC.

 * Retirement/rotation of TC members.  Proposals being discussed
   on -project, at a fairly advanced stage of maturity.

 * Explicitly permit the TC to hold private conversations.  These
   would not include actual votes etc., and are still discouraged.
   Draft text is ready.

 * Fix the numbering in appendix A so there is only one A.1.
   Draft text is ready.

I would like to know which if any of these are (a) controversial
(b) are related to the others.

It would probably be best to lump the uncontroversial ones together
into one GR proposal.  The others should be separate, unless any of
them are entangled.

By entangled I mean that a voter's opinion about one of the proposals
might depend on whether the other proposal passes.


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