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Re: time-limited, auto-reinstated delegations (and reports)

On Fri, Mar 28, 2014 at 06:15:46PM +0900, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> A way around that would be to use time-limited delegations *only*.
> Q: What do the candidates think of that idea? If you agree it'd be good,
> would do you engage in doing so for the duration of your term?

I think that there's considerable benefits to this, but also potential

> Of course there are drawbacks, for instance: 1) given time-limited
> delegations are not (yet) a custom in our project, teams that have been
> non time-delegated up to now might feel bad about this in the beginning;
> 2) the delegation bookkeeping will increase substantially (having been
> there I am aware of the pain, and I can assure that it is far from being
> negligible).

And these are basically my main concerns :) However, for the Release
team, this could be made on a release +6 months basis, as it's around
then that RMs are due to change (as the workload has a habit of burning
out RMs...)

For other teams, it's certainly something that I would explore with
them. So I'd give tentative support for the idea.


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