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Re: How should we deal with bad maintainers?

Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org> writes:

> assume that a package maintainer is active but is doing a bad job
> regarding our standards (things like ignoring problems in stable, breaking
> backwards compatibility for no good reason, not packaging new upstream
> versions in unstable, etc) and is not really cooperative (closing bugs
> hastily, not responding to help offers).
> What shall we do in those situations?
> Best case, I'm very motivated and I hijack the package but assume that I'm
> just interested in having a working package because it's a dependency of a
> package that I use but that I don't care enough to take it over. What are
> my options?

On a similar topic, a couple of years ago, there was an effort to set up
a salvaging process. Not quite for the situation Raphael describes, but
somewhat related. My question to both candidates would be: what's your
opinion on salvaging packages? If favourable, what do you think, could
move it forward?


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