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``Disclaimer'' field to document non-free-ness reasons [ Was: non-free? ]

[ Cc:-ing -policy ]

On Thu, Mar 27, 2014 at 09:10:05PM +0800, Paul Wise wrote:
> Now Debian policy (section 12.5) says it should be stored in
> debian/copyright.

Right. For reference here is the relevant snippet from §12.5:

  Packages in the _contrib_ or _non-free_ archive areas should state in
  the copyright file that the package is not part of the Debian
  distribution and briefly explain why.

and from Copyright Format 1.0:


  Formatted text, no synopsis: this field is used for non-free or
  contrib packages to state that they are not part of Debian and to
  explain why (see Debian Policy section 12.5).

Questions for my -policy friends: can I conclude from the above that the
Disclaimer field is to be used _only_ for contrib/non-free packages, and
only to explain the reason of their (transitive) non-free-ness? Or is
there a risk of overloading it for other reasons? (The current text
implies it is not, but the name is a bit generic, and I prefer safe over

If so, I'll be happy to batchly extract those reasons and publish them
somewhere at *.non-free.org. Similarly, once published, it could
probably also be used to make vrms show the reason of non-free-ness,
which as discussed elsewhere in this thread would be rather cool.

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