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Re: non-free?

On Tue, 2014-03-25 at 15:29 +0900, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> Because as long as we document it, it's very hard to claim that
> "non-free" is not part of Debian, when you could just add it as a
> keyword side-by-side with "main" in your sources.list.

The firmware have been moved from main to non-free a few years ago. The
unintended consequences is that almost every system now use the non-free
Therefore users are more likely to install non-free packages.

Aren't you afraid that we end-up with unintended consequences, where
users become prone to add "foreign" repository... that eventually break
their system (the dependency hell...)?

Aren't you afraid that users become prone to add various repository...
including closed-source/proprietary software?

> The point is not dropping the current interface. The point is stop
> teaching new users, generation after generation, that "non-free" is just
> one word away from "main".
> At least make it one domain away! :-)

What's the workload on various teams and package maintainers for that
fancy difference ? Is it really worth the time spent?



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