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what should the DFSG apply to?

To the candidates,

Some parts of the DFSG seem like they do not apply to some types of
works. In particular, items 2, 6, 7 and 8 seem to not apply to things
that are not "programs". Much of the DFSG doesn't seem to apply to
things that are not "software".

The DFSG does not define what is meant by "software" or "programs".
The definitions of software and programs on Wikipedia does not include
things like documentation, fonts, raster images, vector images, 3D
models, web pages and so on. It isn't clear to me which kinds of
software are considered "programs" under the DFSG and which are not.

The FTP team have been behaving as if the all of the DFSG applies to
all types of works, particularly for DFSG item 2 they require "source"
for PS/PDF documentation.

Over the years some developers have been complained about having to
strip non-free and or sourceless files from source packages. I have
interpreted this to mean that they don't think the DFSG should apply
to the full contents of source packages.

I believe the DFSG should ensure equality of access to works in
Debian. Thus it is my opinion that all items in the DFSG should apply
to the contents of all source and binary packages in Debian main and
that we should amend the DFSG to replace all uses of the words
"program" and "software" with "work". This would also align the
terminology in DFSG with the terminology in the SC, which now uses the
word "work". We probably also need an exception for license texts,
which are usually not modifiable.

The Open Source Definition is derived from the DFSG and has evolved
slightly. If the DFSG were to change, we might want to adopt some of
those changes at the same time. In particular the clarifying
rationales are an interesting feature of the OSD in my opinion.

Please share your thoughts on the SC and DFSG, in particular:

Which items of the DFSG should apply to which types of works?

How do you currently apply the DFSG wrt your Debian packaging work?

How do you currently determine which files in upstream source packages
are "source" and which are not?

How do you currently deal with upstream source packages that include
generated files instead of creating them at build time?

Would you initiate or support a GR to replace uses of the words
"program" and "software" in the DFSG with "work" where appropriate?



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