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All DPL candidates: about the PPAMAIN


Neil, in your platform, you wrote:
"I will push for implementation of "PPA" archives, and modernising our
build and infrastructure system by working with the FTP Masters,
wanna-build team, and DSA. It should be much easier for us to produce a
working system with the correct tools, and some of our core
infrastructure has not been keeping up with what we need to make such a
large system."

Well, thanks for writing this, I also think it's one of the very
important things that must happen in Debian. It's not secret, I'd love
to have PPAMAIN available as well (namely for packaging OpenStack).

Though, it is my understanding that those who are capable of doing the
work are too busy. So what is your plan? Is using Debian money for
sponsoring that work one of the things you would do? If yes, up to what
amount would you accept to spend? (note: I think it would be money
wisely spent)

Lucas, what is your take on this?

Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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