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Re: Ian Jackson, could you fork Debian? (was: RE: git is slavery! (Re: Proposal - preserve freedom of choice of init systems (Why won't emails go through to the list?)

Hi Arnold,

On Mon, Mar 03, 2014 at 07:33:21AM -0800, Arnold Bird wrote:
> <DIV style="font-family:Arial, sans-serif; font-size:10pt;">What this discussion proves is that debian needs to be forked.<BR><BR>The systemd/gnome/redhat camp constantly derideds the <BR>idea that Linux is about freedom and choice.<BR>(I've been around for awhile, freedom and choice used<BR>to be the bylines of linux fans). They mock anyone's<BR>alternative and more traditional opinion.<BR><BR>They are the new kids on the block and know what is<BR>best for everyone.<BR>We are old and about to be shoved out the door.<BR>(And rightly so, lol rotflmao and so on)<BR><BR>They have achieved a victory and are standing firm.<BR>Furthermore they constantly show us where the door is.<BR>They beckon us to go through it. It seems to be our<BR>only option. Debian is ours nolonger.<BR><BR>Debian is now systemd/gnome3/so-on-and-so-on into madness.<BR><BR>Ian Jackson, could you fork Debian?<BR>There could be a new distribution that caters to choice.<BR>Perhaps even the founder of debian Ian Murdok would<BR>become interested again.<BR><BR>You have the skills to do so, you have been with<BR>debian from almost the begining. Those junior to you<BR>now give you opinions no respect: they have made<BR>up their minds and will not countenance dissent.<BR><BR>However, many other debian devs do respect you,<BR>and your pro-choice position on Linux and debian,<BR>they would likely follow you to create a new distro<BR>out of the ashes of the old (Ashes from a rocket<BR>ignition flying straight into the heart of the New<BR>center of the linux system)<BR><BR>More specifically, Could there be a GR to fork debian<BR>so that all debian devs will be alerted to this situation<BR>and with that knowlege could choose to leave the anti<BR>choice official debain for the more traditional<BR>new fork of debian, and could you lead that GR and the fork.<BR><BR><BR>&nbsp;<BR><HR>Free e-mail, simple, clean and easy to use. Visit CosmicEmail.com for your instant free account.</DIV>

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