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Re: Debian's custom use of Condorcet and later-no-harm


Thue Janus Kristensen:
> I don't know enough about Michael Ossipoff's suggested complete
> change of voting system to have an opinion about that.
It's not a "complete change". The basic Condorcet method is unchanged.
We merely change (fix?) what we do when there's no single winner.

I have to admit that I think that the rationale behind the Beatpath
method which we use to clean up a nontrivial Schwartz set is somewhat
obscure. If using IRV instead fixes a problem that shows up in real-world
elections with few voters, particularly when the vote is not secret, then
I'm in favor of replacing it.

> But I think
> that if Debian stays with the current Condorcet method, then my
> (and Michael Ossipoff's I guess) suggestion of moving §A.6.3 down
> as the last step is a simple and obvious must-have fix.

-- Matthias Urlichs

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