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Re: Re: GR: Selecting the default init system for Debian

Matthew Vernon <matthew@debian.org>:
> My feeling at this stage is that the TC are best placed to make a
> decision on the technical merits of the various possible init
> replacements and how we might deploy them in Debian. Given that there
> is also a political element to this discussion, we could consider a GR
> in the light of the TC decision

But what about more simple GR, just like the pool from:

> we could consider a GR
> in the light of the TC decision; pre-empting that decision would seem
> likely to result in a vast pile of duplicated flame/effort.

The TC decision about the default init is done.  But not about other
important things, like requirements/suggestions for maintainers to
support alternative inits and so on.

I feel that if the GR results on the quoted above pool would
be different from TC - that may affect other TC decisions.

Ian, would you like to sponsor GR in this form?

PS: BTW, Guillem what's a status of this GR-proposal?

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