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Re: [all candidates] What to do with debian-private ?

Charles Plessy <plessy@debian.org> writes:

> If this has not changed, is that something that the DPL candidates would
> like to tackle ?  (Bonus question to the DPL candidates: are you subscribed
> to debian-private ?)

Private is like it always was (I am subscribed, and have been for every
day of my DDship). Fortunately, modern mail clients can mark a whole
thread read, so if the subject is not interesting, it's just a button
away, and the whole thread disappears. And if I don't read it, it's not
hard to keep that information private, whether it belonged to -private
in the first place, or not. As such, whatever goes on on -private, it
doesn't really bother me. The traffic is low enough to handle. (But
then, I'm subscribed to -bugs-dist@ AND lkml, so my definition of low
may not be shared by most.)

Nevertheless, I have no intention of trying to change how -private@ is
used. I could imagine ways to make it more useful, but I don't see the
effort being worth the trouble.


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