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Re: [all candidates] delegation

On 2013-03-25 09:55, Thomas Goirand wrote:
One of the key role of the DPL is to delegate.

What are your intention in this regard? Do you think that the current
teams and roles are well filled? Or would you like to change some of the
people currently holding a position? Why (not) changing anything?

I might be able to answer more clearly if you narrowed down what teams (if any) you are thinking of. I guess that you are primarily thinking of the major technical teams that are already delegations? In that case:

- I don't think that delegations to our technical teams should be "political" matters, so I think there should be a very clear desire for it from the project before a new DPL removes existing delegates at the start of a DPL term. I currently don't see any case where I would want to do that, though you are of course free to try to persuade me that it is needed.

- In some teams I perceive there to be a shortage of available time/energy, and therefore additional delegates might be useful, but again that's not something where I would want to jump in and delegate my own preferred candidate(s) on day one. It would be rather counterproductive to take such action before working with the teams in question, as it would be likely to reduce the time/energy provided from existing team members.

In my platform I wrote about some things that I think Debian teams need. Clearly I don't think that every team is doing all these things perfectly yet, or I wouldn't be focusing on this topic, but my suggestions for improving how our teams work are ones that I think any team members could follow, and aren't intended to require changing team memberships.


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