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Re: [all candidates] how to choose Jessie init system

Gergely Nagy <algernon@madhouse-project.org> writes:

> Stefano Zacchiroli <zack@debian.org> writes:
>> Some of the longest -devel thread in recent years have been about
>> Debian's (default) init system: SysV, SystemD, Upstart, OpenRC, etc.
>> Despite folklore, I don't think those thread have been (entirely)
>> trollish, they all hint at a concrete problem:
> (For the record, it's systemd, not SystemD. Sorry!)
>> How do we make an inherently archive-wide technical decision when
>> multiple, possibly equally valid solutions do exist?
> What I believe to be a solution in cases like this, is to sit down with
> the stakeholders (preferably in person; a conference or DebConf would be
> a perfect opportunity for this): maintainers of said systems, porters
> (primarily kFreeBSD & Hurd folk), the security & release teams, and if
> possible, upstream developers of the individual init systems too. I'd do
> this behind closed doors, initially, because the number of arguments and
> the level of noise needs to be controlled, and we've seen how well that
> works on a public mailing list.

Just to clarify: the intent here is not to lock people up until one
emerges, that would be useless and counter productive. I genuinely
believe that with the right people having a civil discussion can get
results out the door in a reasonable timeframe. They just need some
careful herding, is all. And face to face, that can be done - over the
internet, nope.


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