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Re: not being elected?

Hi Moray,

Le dimanche, 17 mars 2013 16.42:34, Moray Allan a écrit :
> > Will not being elected de-motivate you?
> In many ways, not being elected would be a relief.  I'd have more time
> to put into non-Debian parts of my life.
> However, if I am not elected, I would see that as a lack of agreement
> with my proposals, or at least a lack of interest in them, and I would
> be "de-motivated" from pushing those topics further against the apparent
> view of the project.

Given that a) you nominated yourself and b) there are two other serious 
candidates¹, I must say I am quite surprised to read that you would see a non-
election as a lack of agreement or interest in your proposals.

As far as I'm concerned, I'm not voting between three distinct sets of 
proposals: as it's been apparent in other threads, there's quite a lot of 
overlap between the candidate platforms and their specific proposals. We are 
electing someone to stand in the DPL shoes: debating eachothers' proposals, 
views and stuff is obviously useful to decide, but at the end of the day, we 
can't all vote the three candidates equally. We're voting for concurrent 
persons, not concurrent proposals.

So unless you end up being ranked below NOTA (which I certainly don't see 
happening for any of the three very good candidates), I wouldn't take "not 
being ranked first" as a dismissal of your ideas or proposals; and I'm 
surprised that you see it as such.


¹ Which implies that you start with both a ⅓ chance of being elected and a ⅔
  chance of not being elected.

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