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Re: [all candidates] Debian as an FSF Free Software Distribution

Hi Paul,

On 14-03-13 17:21, Paul Tagliamonte wrote:
> Hello, DPL'ers,
> What work will you be doing to continue Zach's efforts to negotiate
> with the FSF over Debian's status as a Free Software Distribution?

For those of us who've been living with their head in the sand (or so
it appears), can you give some pointers towards those efforts?

> Will you treat this issue as a priority? Can we expect continued
> open dialogue with the FSF on this issue? Would you be willing to
> help find the right concessions on both sides to collaborate?
> What is your opinion on this matter?

(not a candidate this year, but still:)

Personally, I think we shouldn't be worried about the FSF's opinion
regarding the freeness of our distribution any more than the FSF is
worried about our opinion of the GFDL.

But YMMV, of course.

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