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Re: [all candidates] DPL term duration

Hi Moray, hi all,

Le mardi, 12 mars 2013 21.24:15, Moray Allan a écrit :
> In my view, if we want to lengthen the term of office for our
> leadership roles, which could have beneficial aspects, we should do that
> as part of a wider reform that reduces the concentration of roles/power
> in a single person.

As I see it, one way to do that (which has certainly been proposed already) 
would be to have a sort-of "DPL guild"⁰. It would have these properties¹:

- "enough" members
  (start with 3 for example, but a fixed number set in the constitution)
- fixed-length terms ("18 months" for example)
- renewable terms
- overlapping terms (more by coincidence than by enforcement)
- resignation is possible per-member, at any time
  (so if one member resigns, a new one is elected ASATCP²)
- leadership/chairman role (if needed) rotated between the elected members on
  a regular basis³

What do the candidates think of such a system; would it be something you would 
push, not push, why?

Thanks in advance, cheers,

⁰ Team / Board / Committee / Whateva, the name isn't the core of the idea.
¹ Which are quite alike those of the swiss federal government
² As Soon As The Constitution Permits
³ Could also be done by decision of the "guild", for example; or not at all.

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