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Re: [to all candidates] using debian funds for Debian's hardware infrastructure

On 12/03/13 at 00:47 +0100, Martin Zobel-Helas wrote:
> Hi,
> in the past Debian had some generous donors, who donated a huge amounts
> of high quality hardware on regual basis to the Debian project. For some
> reasons (not to be discussed here) those sources dont exist any more.
> As this hardware comes to the end of it's lifecycle, DSA will need to
> buy new hardware. To keep up our standards on hardware for core
> infrastrucure, DSA will need to spend several 10k USD on new hardware in
> the next year.
> @all: do you think it is worth spending large amount of money donated to
> Debian to keep our core hardware infrastructure on its current level?

Sure. It's very important that we continue to have an infrastructure in
a very good health.

> @all: do you think Debian should do a fundraising campain where we
> collect a larger amount of money dedicated to Debian's hardware
> infrastructure?

There are several questions here:

  1) Should we do fundraising?

My answer is Yes. We need some money to support Debian development.

  2) Should we spend more on hardware? ("larger amount of money")

I'd say that it depends on the needs. Our infrastructure is extremely
important, but we still need to make sure that expenses are justified.
Of course, I have a high confidence that DSA is reasonable ;)

  3) Should we do fundraising specifically for hardware?

In a fundraising campaign, it generally helps to have a "story" to tell
to possible donors. Or afterwards, to be able to say "thanks to our
donors, we were able to ...". So yes, we could use our hardware
infrastructure as a "story" in a fundraising campaign. That would also
be a nice way to advertise how our infrastructure work.

> @lucas, @algernon: in your platform you are not stating how you will
> handle money requests, and what do you think about using Debian's money
> at all. Can you please elaborate?

On handling money requests:
As pointed by Moray, we have a small problem with how money requests
are currently handled, and we could improve transparency a bit. For
example, planned expenses could be announced on a list to give a change
to other DDs to react.

On using Debian's money:
My line, which is quite consensual I think, is that Debian money can be
used to support Debian development (hardware infrastructure, travel
reimbursement, ...) but not to pay contributors.

If we were to run our own internship program, I would be hard to
convince to use Debian money for stipends. A separate fundraising
campaign specifically for stipends would be better IMHO.
And I would probably disagree quite strongly if the program allowed DDs
to receive stipends.

[ I'm copying here Raphael's question, since it covers money as well ]
On 12/03/13 at 10:43 +0100, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> To other candidates, do you believe that we could benefit from using money
> for other things than hardware and meeting/travel reimbursment? If yes,
> what kind of things?

Again, several questions in one:

  1) Could we use Debian money for other things than hardware and
     meeting/travel reimbursement?

Yes, we could.

  2) Would it be a good idea? Could we benefit from it?

Maybe. Depends.
  3) For what kind of things?

Since you are asking the question, isn't it up to you to come up with
ideas/examples? :) I find it difficult to discuss such things in the
general case.


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