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[to all candidates] using debian funds for Debian's hardware infrastructure


in the past Debian had some generous donors, who donated a huge amounts
of high quality hardware on regual basis to the Debian project. For some
reasons (not to be discussed here) those sources dont exist any more.

As this hardware comes to the end of it's lifecycle, DSA will need to
buy new hardware. To keep up our standards on hardware for core
infrastrucure, DSA will need to spend several 10k USD on new hardware in
the next year.

@all: do you think it is worth spending large amount of money donated to
Debian to keep our core hardware infrastructure on its current level?

@all: do you think Debian should do a fundraising campain where we
collect a larger amount of money dedicated to Debian's hardware

@lucas, @algernon: in your platform you are not stating how you will
handle money requests, and what do you think about using Debian's money
at all. Can you please elaborate?


@moray: can you tell DSA the lottery numbers of next week please?
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