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Re: trying to do awesome and risking to fail


On 11/03/13 at 08:30 +0000, Sune Vuorela wrote:
> Hi candidates
> So, over the last years I have seen a Debian where it among the people
> is much more important to avoid to fail than trying to do awesome stuff.
> But doing awesome stuff is where the fun is, and also where the
> possibility to be awesome is. Where the possibility create something
> new. To reach for the stars.
> Focussing on not failing is helping ensuring to stay mediocre. And not
> doing awesome.
> So, how can we make debian do awesome stuff?

Given that the main upstream awesome developer is a DD (Julien Danjou),
I think that we can say that Debian already does awesome.</bad joke>

More seriously, I fully agree with your POV. I suppose you went through
my platform, that addresses your question, I think. Do you have more
specific questions, maybe?


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