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Re: [Call for seconds] GR: diversity statement for the Debian Project

On Mon, May 07, 2012 at 08:32:41PM +0200, Francesca Ciceri wrote:
> The Debian Project welcomes and encourages participation by everyone.
> No matter how you identify yourself or how others perceive you: we
> welcome you. We welcome contributions from everyone as long as they
> interact constructively with our community.
> While much of the work for our project is technical in nature, we value
> and encourage contributions from those with expertise in other areas, 
> and welcome them into our community.

I know we've long passed the threshold, but: seconded.

Also, as others have pointed out:

> Q: What will be the procedure for maintaining/updating the statement, 
> once voted?
> A: The gist of the statement will be fixed by the GR. But in order to
> avoid needing a vote for every minor tweak, language improvements can be
> applied by the -www team as for other parts of www.d.o and more
> substantial changes, that do not change the spirit, can be discussed on
> -project.

You can't do that. If it's just a statement that hasn't seen a GR, fine,
then the -www team can change it. If, however, the text was decided by
GR, then that's a different matter; you can't change it without another

Remember 2004_003? (gawd, is it that long ago already? oh well). That
was about changes that according to the proposers did not change the
meaning of the original text, but rather just 'clarified' it; yet it has
had an enormous impact on the project as a whole, and in fact changed
some of our policies.

Anyway, as the FAQ is not part of the official text, it can't set the
procedure for future modifications, so this is probably moot.

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