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Re: About debian-companies

On Fri, Mar 30, 2012 at 10:00:14PM +0200, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> Stefano, will you continue to try to build that discussion place if you're
> not re-elected ? If yes, how do you expect to do it ? (AFAIK you're not a
> representative of such a company and as such you will no longer be able to
> stay subscribed to this list)

As DPL, I've been listening to the problems of various companies (too
few, unfortunately) who have a strategic interest in Debian and try to
be good Free Software citizens. With that I mean, in particular,
companies that not only try to make a living out of Debian-based
services, but also try to contribute code back to Debian and hire people
to do so.  Especially medium-sides companies that fit that bill have to
face problems that usually volunteers do not want to have to deal with,
e.g. how to convince $proprietary_sw_vendor to "certify" their solutions
for Debian, set up network of like-minded companies so that they could
look more trustworthy in big call for tenders, etc.

While I've got interested in the above topics as DPL, I think it's
important for Debian to help companies solve those problems, and I
suspect my interest in it won't vanish if I won't be re-elected.  If
that happens, what I would do is approach the new DPL and volunteer to
help out with the initiative.

It is worth pointing out that I think the role of Debian as a Project in
it should be marginal and limited to stuff like welcoming the
initiative, communicating about it, and offering a meeting place. As a
Project, we don't have the expertise to do much more than that --- nor
probably the willingness. If the experiment is to succeed, it should
really be up to the companies and their representatives to single out
the problems they're facing and propose solutions that are compatible
with the way Debian works.

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