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Raising money for Debian


there's a discussion going on on debian-project about entering an
agreement with DuckDuckGo to get some sort of affiliate commission from
the money that DuckDuckGo would earn from traffic tagged as coming
from Debian.

1/ To Wouter and Gergely: this discussion touches several sensitive topics
but you have not taken position... what do you think of the project?

2/ To all: are there other ways to raise money that we have not yet explored
and that we should try?

3/ To all: The commercial world is full of such "win-win opportunities".
Some are more obnoxious than other. Are there some that would be
acceptable in the Debian context according to you? Where would you draw
the limit?

If you need some examples: an hosting company could give back x% of the
monthly fee paid by customers running Debian servers and would likely
appreciate some promotion of this "offer" on the Debian side. There is
a book editor who is giving $1 for each sold copy of their Debian book.
Etc. Most of those offers are created for marketing reasons in the hope to
get noticed/promoted within the Debian community. Shall we promote those?
Can we just inform people about their existence without promoting them?

Raphaël Hertzog ◈ Debian Developer

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