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Re: GR: welcome non-packaging contributors as Debian project members

On 17:53 Tue 14 Sep     , Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> The Debian project aims at producing the best free operating system.
> To that end the project benefits from various types of contributions,
> including but not limited to: package maintenance, translations,
> infrastructure and website maintenance, porting, bug triaging and
> fixing, management activities, communication, testing, legal advice,
> quality assurance, etc.
> The Debian project acknowledges that:
> * To pursue Debian goals, package maintenance as well as a wide range of
>   other technical and non-technical contributions are all valuable.
> * Active contributors of non-packaging work, which share Debian values
>   and are ready to uphold Debian Foundation Documents, deserve the
>   opportunity for becoming Debian project members.
> The Debian project therefore invites the Debian Account Managers to:
> * Endorse the idea that contributors of non-packaging work might become
>   Debian Developers without upload rights to the Debian archive. These
>   new developers shall be recognized as Debian Contributors (DC).
> * Establish procedures to evaluate and accept Debian Contributors.
> * Initiate the appropriate technical measures to enable Debian
>   Contributors to participate in Debian decision making and to access
>   Debian infrastructure.
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Some few more comments are in order:
> - Constitution §4.2.1 does not require seconds in this case, but I would
>   appreciate them nonetheless.
> - Related past history is <http://www.debian.org/vote/2008/vote_002>.
>   This GR is narrower in scope and aims at verifying project consensus
>   before proceeding to implementation.
> - At the same time, the text does not mandate a specific implementation.
>   This is on purpose since:
>   - Leaving out implementation details, it will be easier to change
>     project membership procedures later on.
>   - DAM is authoritative on membership procedures and should be trusted
>     on these matters. I do have an idea of how the process will look
>     like (i.e. "like NM, but swifter, without the packaging part") and
>     I'm sure DAM will be happy to comment on that.
> - I've done some background study before posting this. In particular
>   I've shared the text with FD and DAM, as the GR outcome will directly
>   impact their work. They have raised no specific objection to any
>   possible outcome of the GR in its present form. I've also shared the
>   text with the secretary. While formal ruling can be done only on an
>   actual ballot, he doesn't consider the above text to be in need of 3:1
>   majority.


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