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DM vote (was Re: Debian Project Leader Election 2010 Results)

| 2010 |  886 | 44.648 |   459 |    436 |      88 | 49.210 |   9.76513 |

If I count right, there are 112 Debian Maintainers not able to be represented
in the above.

I wonder if conducting a parallel vote of the DMs, for information only,
would be worth doing next year? It would be interesting to
see a) how many DMs care about being enfranchised enough to vote
and b) how closely their preferences match to those of the DDs.

Alternatively, if the DM vote were run during the first week of the real
(2 week) vote, results could be announced in time for DDs to incorporate
the data into their own votes. (One might, for example, give a better vote
to a candidate who seems appealing to newcomers -- or to a candidate
whose ideas are too refined for newcomers to appreciate. ;-)

see shy jo, no longer involved in DM stuff

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