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Re: Questions for all candidates: decentralization of power

Le Thu, Apr 01, 2010 at 11:53:47AM -0400, Mike O'Connor a écrit :
> It doesn't take long processing NEW to realize that many DDs cannot be
> trusted to make sure that all of the code they are uploading is legally
> redistributable.

I also think that we need to review the NEW uploads. But this is not what I
discuss here. I propose to let all DDs look what is in the NEW queue. (This
would of course help to review the NEW uploads).

> The problem is also one of accountability.  If the DD screws up and
> eventually an ftp-master or a mirror owner or DPL or SPI or someone else
> is the one getting sued, can the person getting sued hold the DD
> accountable?

“Screwing up” here would be for a DD to log in on the ftpmaster mirror, take a
package from the NEW queue, and redistribute it in parallel to the Debian

I think that the claim that some people can be sued if some DD screwed up is
vague, and is really difficult to discuss factually. I think that if the NEW
queue in the ftp-master mirror is readable for all the DDs, there is no risk
for the DPL, his delegates, or the sponsor of the provider of the ftp-master
mirror machine and connectivity to be sued.

Have a nice day,


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