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Re: Question to all candidates: DPL's role in important package maintenance

Le Thu, Apr 01, 2010 at 06:47:53AM +0200, Frans Pop a écrit :
> Also, it has been claimed "we cannot provide any information because 
> discussions are in private" [1]. Do candidates agree to that, or do they 
> think that a DPL should make clear to parties in advance that the project 
> will be kept informed of status and progress (but of course not of 
> specifics).

Hi Frans and everybody,

Rants are better to go in private or not be sent at all, and it may be better
to keep tractations private as well as long as they are speculative, to avoid
fueling misunderstandings. But I think that a clear, emotion-neutral, and
synthethic summary of what each party wants and what they disagree with the
other is essential and has to be public.



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