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Re: Questions for all candidates: decentralization of power

On Sun, Mar 28, 2010 at 3:41 PM, Clint Adams <schizo@debian.org> wrote:

> Well, in the paid employment part of my life, I have been put in
> positions where I have needed to work with people I disliked, and
> it is not considered professional to refuse on those grounds.

Indeed, I guess most of us have gone through similar situations.  The
difference is mainly what you are already emphasizing: in paid
employment, you get paid for your work.  In volunteer work, you do it
because you want to, nobody can force you to work with someone you
don't like, you can just walk away and stop working on that area of
the project.

> Would you consider it appropriate me to refuse to acknowledge
> bugs or patches from anyone I consider to be a bad person?
> If not, why would it be appropriate for someone to refuse to
> collaborate in other ways?

I don't think that refusing to fix a bug is comparable to refusing to
work on the same team as someone else.

> We theoretically all want good things for Debian here, even
> if we disagree on most of the details.  Letting groups of
> people with privileged access maintain their own membership
> creates a power imbalance that I believe has led to much
> trouble in the past.  I think it forms cliques and
> cabals, and encourages territoriality.
> Do you disagree?

No, I don't disagree.  I would very much prefer that all teams were
open and that even taking into account personal differences people
could be able to work together towards a common goal.  However, I
realize that it's not an easy problem to solve, because if the DPL (or
whoever is delegated by the DPL to do this) goes around imposing
members to teams, or switching members willy-nilly, it would
definitely lead to a lot of frustration and resignations.

I think that the DPL can talk to the involved parties and make some
recommendations, but anything more forceful would be received with a
lot of resistance and lead to loss of people.

So, I once again turn the question to you, since this was what I
intended to ask before, but didn't get the reply I wanted.  If you
were elected DPL, how would you go about "supervising" team


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