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Re: Question for all candidates: Release process

Le Sat, Mar 27, 2010 at 01:15:47PM +0100, Stefano Zacchiroli a écrit :
> I don't understand what "cloud computing" has to do with your idea of
> using package priorities to release differently different sub-systems
> within Debian. I'm well aware that we are currently lagging behind in
> the race for OS for the cloud (and we should really catch up, at least
> in terms of visibility), but what it has to do with your idea?

Hi Stefano,

I think that cloud computing participates to create the demand for a Debian
system that offers not only a stable release that lasts years, but also updated
packages that are built or collected for being used with the stable release. A
mirror containing stable, backports, and snapshots is a good first step in that

The problem of having all backports in one single repostitory is of course that
not all packages have the same needs, which creates incoordinations or
conflicts of interest. Again, I am not saying that it will be the silver
bullet, but a refactored priority and sections system would allow to easily
identify subsets that could have a common policy and an increased effort for
coordination, or in contrary a more unsupervised mode of operation when it
comes to leaf packages (trust the maintainers!).

I do not pretend to offer a complete and robust solution in my platform or the
emails discussed on this list. But I ask the question to the DDs: would you
like to distribute your work differently? If yes, vote for me as a DPL, and
will spend time and energy to help the Project go that way.

(And to answer to the comment ‘you do not need to be DPL for doing this’, that
is true, but if I make a bad score at this election, I will conclude that there
are not many persons interested in what I propose anyway, and will save everybody's
time by not discussing them further in the short term.)



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