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Re: Question about membership.

On Wed, Mar 24 2010, Charles Plessy wrote:

> Dear all,
> Following the ‘Membership procedures’ GR, discussion on membership
> were started after the Lenny release, but eventually stopped. In this
> thread it was proposed to trust DDs to nominate other members and I
> found the idea very interesting.  In order to make it more consensual,
> there is probably a need for making concessions like shortlisting the
> trusted DDs according to some criteria like the time they have already
> spent in the project. I would actually be tempted to propose a more
> variable but more symbolic measurment of time: having been part of the
> project for at least one full release cycle.

        Can you explain why you think that mere length of time with
 Debian is a good metric for the ability to judge who should be a part
 of Debian? Does the duration of stay also lend credence to the DD's
 opinion of the quality of fellow DDs? Do you think that we could
 leverage this avility, gained by tenure, in other ways?

 not sure mere tenure lends itself to great judgement
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